Thursday, 13 September 2012

FarAway - #03

The original picture.

Love the length and deepth of field in this shot

I met up with Melody yesterday to chat about #Project40 and I told her what I had in mind for my #FarAway self-portrait picture.  I had Noordhoek beach in mind because of the vastness of space and that you are able to capture the feeling of distance... of FarAway'ness.  And just like that she said ... "let's go".  It was so impromptu and it was perfect moment for a very quick photo-shoot.  The weather was lovely and Noordhoek was just beautiful.  Melody captured exactly what I had in mind.  Yay... so yesterday I got to play with this image and with some filters... and this is what I came up with.

Love both these filters

I ended up choosing the canvas filter... making it look like a bit of a painting.
It has surpassed my idea for it and the words I would use.
Melody also helped me with some of the word prompts.

I actually love how this spread worked out because it's busy and has lots of detail and words and it's only when you look from #far away, from a bit of distance that you can see it completely.  I think it's how we have to treat life sometimes...  Take a step back... to see clearly.  Sometimes we are so focused on the details that we loose sight of the big picture.  It's in the moving back that we get the perspective... the clarity.
It's in the the looking from a distance, from {afar} that we sometimes find what we have been looking for all along... our dreams, our path and perhaps our destiny which has always been right in front of us - we just couldn't see it.  I know this has been so true for me this year and taking the time to step back has certainly helped me find my way!