Saturday, 20 July 2013

Quiet - #05

I'm not sure if it has something to do with my age... or this stage that I'm in but I'm constantly seeking the... {quiet}.  It's like my soul is craving it!  And I have to be honest - I claim it!  I usually wake up before the rest of the house and make myself a Soya Latte.  And head to my fav spots to write my morning pages.  I have 3 fav spots...  At my studio desk, on my new cute lounge chairs or at the dining table!  But to me its not necessarily always about where I sit but that I sit.  That I have the {quiet} before life happens.  It's my time to write. speak. think. listen.  And above everything else be honest!  Corks captured this pic of me and I guess it really does capture the essences of me and a incredible gift of this habit I've got into through the years.  I hope I will always have this time!  These beautiful precious {quiet} moments in time!