Sunday, 22 September 2013

Truth - #06

This is one of my own prompts {truth}
This word and picture means a lot to me.
{Truth} because it's a value and a need in my life.
And this picture because I seldom get good pictures of myself.
I find it hard to be in pictures especially self-portraits.
Its something Misty always challenges us on and often pushes us to do more of.
It's not something I'm naturally comfortable with.
But this one worked!  And I had such fun layering up!

Of all the words I could use for this pic... I stumbled upon {truth}
and I knew it was right for this picture!  Maybe it's the look on my face!
Also right for this project, right for a self-portrait prompt.
I love the words all over my face... {truth} in our words!
In our actions and in our minds and especially our hearts!

It's something that I am desperate for in my life and it's something I value so highly!
I try and live by it... I'm not sure I get it right completely - but I sure would like to...
And it's a value I really want to mirror to my girls and it's something I would love to see in them.

But as much as I am calling for {truth] in my life - I'm calling myself to it too..
About who and what I am and what I truly believe...
That's tough to admit out loud because with it comes judgement.

But maybe I'm finally ready to deal with it!!