Saturday, 27 June 2015

#Darkness - #24

~ {Darkness} ~

Who do you find in the {dark} recesses?  In the dark recesses of my mind and the dark recesses of my heart... the wounded self.

I know who I want to find there...  my authentic self... the same self as the one I am in the light for the world to see.

However, I'm not always proud of who I see there or know there.  I know it will be my forever true work in progress.  And I hope it will be a journey that one day I will have peace with. And be proud of.  The quintessence* of my true work and true self.

I know I can't do it alone.

*{the aspect of something regarded as the intrinsic and central constituent of it's character / the most perfect example of quality}

#Age - #23

the dark truth about {age}ing is that she comes for all of us.
And when she's ready, she's swift.
To claim our skin. our hair. and her ultimate prize... 
our youth.
It's what makes us all equal. the same.
Learning to embrace the new depth that she leaves me with.
And in that, finding it's own kind of beauty in my same but different face.

#Mirrors - #22

{true mirror}

I discovered Caroline McHugh's talk this week about "The Art of being Yourself".

She explains the phenomenon about a true {mirror}.... designed by John and Catherine Walters.

It was discovered that when 2 mirrors are put together at right angles to each other and the seam taken away, what you see is exactly what other people see when they look at you.

In other words when we look in a normal mirror - it's not a true reflection of you.

"when you look in a normal mirror, you look for the assurance that you are beautiful or young or tidy or that your bum isn't too big.  But when you look in a true {mirror} you don't look AT yourself, you look FOR yourself.  You look for revelation, not reassurance"...  powerful stuff!

I'm not going to write too much about what she says here - please watch this.
She's beautifully articulate and one of the most beautiful talks I've ever listened to.

I love what her key question is - 

"Who do you think you are?"

She challenges us not to ask "what's your life expectancy but what do you expect from life and what does life expect from you? 

This is definitely the theme of my life this year.  About living a resonate and authentic life!  About being ever present and seeing everything.  Never wasting.  

I love this so much - what does your true {mirror} say about you... phew!

#Found - #21