Saturday, 31 May 2014

#Dramatic - #19

"While many of the blocks to creativity are internal, one of the largest and most common blocks is not.  This external block is a destructive alliance that many creative people make with the type of personality that we call a "crazy-maker".  What is a "crazy-maker"?  Well the name tells all... a "crazy-maker" is someone who makes you crazy by constantly stirring up storms.  "Crazy-makers" are frequently charismatic, charming and likable people but for the creatives around them they can be poison.  Long on problems, short on solutions, "crazy-makers" drain your creative energy.  They always have a reason why something can't be done... "it's too late, it's not my job, they said they couldn't, let me finish this first or I forgot".  "Crazy-makers" make you feel {dramatic}.  You veer between wanting to kill them and wanting to kill yourself.  There is no right way to deal with a "crazy-maker" because the situation keeps changing.  "Crazy-makers" thrive on drama.  Everything is an emergency, a deadline, a matter of life and death or something they will get to eventually.  No doubt about it, for the creative wanting to stay blocked, linking forces with a "crazy-maker" is the ideal way to do it.  "Crazy-Makers" break deals and destroy schedules.  Their emergency always takes precedence.  "Crazy-Makers" expect special treatment, they suffer a wild and colorful variety of aliments.  "Crazy-Makers" discount your reality.  Your pressing agenda, however real is never ever as important as their own.  "Crazy-Makers" triangulate those they deal with always relaying what so-and-so said about us.  They are expert at gossip.  "Crazy-Makers" are also expert blamers.  Everything is always their problem but never their fault.  "Crazy-Makers" hate schedules, except their own.  It doesn't matter that everybody else has known about the deadline for weeks.  "Crazy-Makers" hate order, papers blanket their office and yours, if they can manage it.  "Crazy-Makers" deny that they are "crazy-makers".

The craziest thing about "crazy-makers" is that we are crazy enough to get involved with one.  If the thumbnail sketches above sounds familiar, admit that you have found a clever way to sabotage yourself.  Julia Cameron The Artists Way at Work - Riding the Dragon.

Wow - that's hardcore.
This post for me is dual reminder...

I don't think I'm a very dramatic person, I think on the most part I pretty even-keeled but this is a constant reminder not to be a {drama} queen, ever.  But more so for me to is how recognize and steer clear of the "crazy-making" people I seem to attract.  Almost 3 years ago, I made a conscious decision to eliminate this element in my life - just to keep the drama and {dramatic} situations on the down-low.  And I have to say I'm having a much more peaceful life.

Not sure why it took me so long to recognize the cycles and patterns but now when I see {drama} coming, I virtually run a mile.  I want to involve myself in things that really matter and really make sense.  And not let the {drama} clutter my soul!  My greatest aim now - is to help my girls not go down the route of being {drama} queens or "crazy-makers" and help them recognize crazy-makers and how to actively choose against it, at all costs!

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